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Planning the Big Day - Hiring Caterers and Hair Stylists

Date Published: Apr 20, 2015

Planning a wedding can be an expensive, stressful endeavour, though as it is an event that you are undoubtedly looking forward to more than anything else, it is therefore something that you simply have to do.

Making arrangements for the biggest day of your life needn’t be overly stressful, sure, there will be times when it seems as though it just won’t come together, though with the right approach and understanding of hiring hairstylists and providers of wedding catering services in Melbourne, there is no reason why planning your wedding can’t prove a fun, rewarding experience. Why not enjoy it, you only do it once!

Do your research before you start sourcing service providers

If you are to stand any chance of hiring the right service providers for your wedding you need to know what you should be looking for and that requires research. And not just a little, but a lot.

As you will immediately come to realise when you start looking for hairstylists and caterers, there are not only so many to choose from, but also so many options to consider, for example, different styles of hairstyling, different makeup options, different cuisines and different service methods.

Far too many couples have made the mistake of not doing adequate research before looking around for service providers. This is a mistake that you don’t want to make.

Understand that experience counts - Enthusiasm even more

It is generally a wise decision to focus your attentions on experienced wedding hairstylists and caterers, however, experience isn’t everything as enthusiasm is also very important - sometimes experienced stylists and chefs find that their passion for their work wanes over time.

However, you will generally find that most creative people, like stylists and chefs, do what they do for as long as they do it because they simply love what they do for a living.

Insist on references, recommendations, portfolios, etc.

Never hire a hairstylist or catering company without asking for references, no matter how sure you are that they are the perfect choice for your wedding and what you have in mind. Word of mouth referrals from friends, family and your colleagues count for a lot, but you want to be absolutely sure so always ask for a couple of references from their other satisfied clients.

Additionally, hairstylists, like wedding photographers, should have a portfolio that they can show you so you can get an informed understanding of what they do. Many catering companies will also have portfolios which is an excellent way to showcase their work and show potential clients just what they are capable of.

Who knows... you might have so much fun planning and organizing your own special day that you decide that this is something you'd like to do for others too. A wedding planning business can not only be lucrative but also a fun and exciting way to make money. If you think you've got a great wedding business idea visit today. You might be able to secure a non-repayable grant to get your idea off the ground.

There are so many things that you need to bear in mind when hiring hairstylists and providers of wedding catering services in Melbourne - what has been discussed here is somewhat akin to the tip of the proverbial iceberg - so allow yourself plenty of time to make arrangements, involve family and friends, and have fun. Planning the biggest day of your life should be an inherently enjoyable task, so enjoy it!