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Wedding Planning Myths: Should You Buy into Them or Not?

Date Published: Jun 04, 2015

When women get engaged and start organising their big day, they inevitably get exposed to numerous so-called “facts” about wedding planning. But, if you're a bride-to-be, take note that you don't need to follow all of these ideas! In fact, you need to stay away from those that hold you back from having the type of nuptials you've always wanted. Some of these myths include:

Myth #1: You'll find that planning an outdoor wedding is difficult (and sometimes virtually impossible).

The Verdict: False.

Organising an outdoor wedding can be challenging since there are lots of uncontrollable factors involve (such as the weather!). However, this doesn't mean you can't pull one off; after all, there are lots of people who can help you put your event together. If you're getting married in Australia, for instance, find a company who offers party hire services in Perth. This way, you'll have access to a wide range of chairs, bar stools, tables, glassware, crockery, catering equipment, lighting, outdoor heaters and other things that can make your dream wedding come true.

One of the commonly overlooked extras that many leave up until the last minute is wedding venue signs. Order printed posters from Fleet Street that you can use as venue signs that will not only look professional but also make sure that your guests turn up to the right hotel!

Worried about the weather? Spend time crafting a Plan B (and maybe even a Plan C and D) that you can fall back on in case Mother Nature decides not to cooperate. For instance, you can give raffia fans to your guests so they can cool down when your venue gets too hot. Don't forget to find a party hire company in Sydney who offers marquees; by renting one of these structures, you can seek shelter in case the sun gets too unbearable or if it rains cats and dogs.

Myth #2: You can't do your own hair and makeup.

The Verdict: A bit true and a bit false.

No one can stop you from applying lipstick and mascara and styling your tresses on your own. But what you have to remember is this: wedding hair and makeup are completely different from your everyday, go-to look. So, if you want to transform into a radiant bride and look your best on your big day, it's better to hire a professional hairstylist and makeup artist.

But don't just get the services of anybody; rather, do your homework and pick someone who specialises in the look you want to create. If you're planning a traditional Indian wedding, for example, contact us here at Kinnari Flair. We have years of experience in Indian bridal hairstyles and makeup and provide mehndi and henna services, ensuring you can be a stunning bride on your big day.

Myth #3: You can DIY everything for your wedding.

The Verdict: False.

A handful of brides have succeeded in having a 100 percent DIY wedding. But, unless you have the time, energy and resources to tackle every single task (including sewing/altering your own dress, making venue decorations and preparing food and drinks), you'll most likely find it difficult to go the do-it-yourself route.

So don't hesitate to get the help of experts. If you're interested in having your nuptials outdoors, for instance, find a consultant who specialises in garden weddings. By doing this, you'll have someone who'll liaise with vendors on your behalf and help you iron out all the details of your big day. Still want to be hands-on bride? Limit yourself to a few fun and realistic DIY projects (like making your own invites and sewing pretty table runners) that can be easily finished on time.

A nice touch to planning your guest list is to send out card invitations to all of your friends and family and its much nicer to have something unique to send over to them. You can find the perfect greeting cards in West Midlands and then post them out to your loved one's well ahead of the big day.

Use these tips to separate the myths from truths and plan the fantastic wedding you've always dreamt of!