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A Bride's Guide to Showcasing Her Elements of Style

Date Published: Sep 24, 2015

Bohemian, chic, modern, alternative - the list goes on when it comes to fashion on the wedding aisle. Whatever you’re planning to be on your wedding day, here are a few secrets on how to showcase your unique bridal style:


Choose comfort over style:Wear the style you feel prettiest in andnever feel obligated to obey the current trend if you’re not comfortable with it. Of course, make sure your locks are ready for styling on the big day. Don’t make the mistake of overdosing on serums, sprays and lotions - greasy hair is not the way to go. It makes more sense to limit yourself to shampooing and conditioning your hair at the ends the night before the wedding. This way, you’ll ensure that your locks are easy to tame and style in the morning.


Dress for your body shape:What you decide to wear on your wedding day shouldn’t just reflect your personality but should also look fantastic on you. The secret? Choosing a dress that flatters the shape of your body and perfectly accentuates your best features. Generally, people fall into 1 or 2 of the 5 categories, namely pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, apple, and hourglass. Pear shapes should focus on drawing attention to their upper body, and they look great in A-line skirts, light-coloured tops paired with dark-coloured bottoms and boat neck and square/cowl necklines. Rectangle types, on the other hand, should consider creating curves by wearing tops that emphasise the chest, such as those with sweetheart and scooped necks.

Those who identify with the inverted triangle shape may want to go for high-waisted dresses with full skirts. Apple types can opt for dresses that elongate their torso, such as empire-cut gowns, monochrome-coloured dresses, and V-neck tops. For those with an hourglass shape, wrap and fitted dresses with lightweight fabric show off their curves without going overboard.


Make it the perfect canvas for your makeup: You shouldn’t be fretting too much about breakouts since a good makeup artist can conceal them. But you should also help your makeup artist along by doing what you can to make your skin as flawless as possible on the big day. So, as early as possible, look after your skin by getting enough rest and sleep, eating healthy food, ensuring you’re well-hydrated, and staying away from harmful UV rays. By taking these steps, your skin will be clear and radiant on your big day and help you transform into a stunning bride.


Choose the best possible option:You’ll most likely wear your wedding ring forever, so it’s important to invest in one that will stay beautiful and attractive for years and even decades. Diamond rings are the most popular choice since they symbolise your everlasting love and commitment. You can also explore other options like sapphire, ruby, opal and even pearl.

Another thing you should remember is that a bride’s jewellery should also go well with the colour of her dress. For instance, gold accessories look best with ivory dresses, while platinum, white gold, and silver jewellery match well with pure white gowns. You know what happens when colours clash - it doesn’t certainly sound very pleasant, and it would definitely not look good on you.

Use these tips now to become a stunning and gorgeous bride on your big day!