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Parts of the Wedding that Should Be Photographed

Date Published: Oct 11, 2013

The day you exchange vows with your soul mate is one of the most important events you will ever encounter. It is also an occasion worthy of extensive documentation, yielding images that you will revisit and cherish for years to come.

Amongst the many aspects of your nuptials, some of them especially need to be photographed due to the meaning they convey. They are the following:

  • The march

This is one moment that virtually every female dreams of and all guests wait with bated breath at weddings. Here, various kinds of emotions play on the faces of people. 

  • The giving away of the bride

The camera should capture the moment where you are being turned over into the care of your soon-to-be husband, as this is symbolic of the role of your groom in your new life.

  • The exchanging of vows and rings

This is the heart of the wedding, where you and your beloved promise to love and be with each other until “death do you part”.

  • The kiss

This is customarily performed right after being declared that you are “man and wife”. No photographer will ever dare miss this moment!

  • The firsts as a married couple

The dance and toast are two of those firsts that should be recorded on camera.

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