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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable

Date Published: Dec 10, 2014

Of course, you and your partner want to make your wedding very special and memorable. If you’re searching for ways to make it happen, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together some tips that you can pick up to make your big day even bigger, leaving your guests talking about it afterwards.

1. Serve good food.

This is the most important thing to do to make your wedding successful; guests tend to remember the food you serve, whether good or bad. However, you don’t want them remembering how bad it is, right? So, find a catering company that’s known for quality, presentation and service, and choose your menu carefully. In addition, avoid foods that can cause allergies to your guests as much as possible.

2. Book a unique venue.

To make your ceremony more memorable, avoid the usual venues like banquet halls. Instead, you can choose from historic buildings, art galleries, wineries, out-of-town resorts, conservation areas and private residences around your area. Yes, you can exchange vows in these places. Just do the necessary preparations, and you’re good to go!

3. Don’t forego entertainment.

DJs are found in almost all weddings these days. So, to make your big day different, you can hire a band instead. They can play live music that can bring about an electric energy during your reception and prompt your guests to stay longer. You can also hire other performers, like magicians, to make it more engaging for them.

One of the best ways to make your wedding memorable is to make sure that you provide your guests with something that they have never before seen at at this kind of event. Simply The Best Events have a huge stock of entertainment attractions that can be set up at your wedding reception. Who wouldn't remember a wedding with an inflatable labyrinth maze challenge!?

4. Give away unique favours.

One good way to leave a lasting impression on your family and guests is giving them unique but valuable favours. For example, you can give away pebbles that are beautifully printed with their names. This would delight them as it would let them know they’re also special to you and your partner. You can also give away personalised magnets or keyrings for them to treasure forever.

5. Use a videography service.

Aside from photography, you can capture the special moments in your big day with wedding video professionals from Brisbane. When the time comes, it’ll be a more enjoyable way to reminisce your wedding with videos, other than pictures.

By considering all these tips, you can make your wedding day more special and memorable. Just don’t forget to hire professionals—catering services, entertainers, wedding video specialists from Brisbane—to avoid pitfalls caused by unskilled hands along the way.