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Look Gorgeous in Person and in Photos! Top 10 Tricks to Apply

Date Published: Jul 23, 2014

You’ve heard it many times that most, if not all, brides-to-be spend considerable effort on their look. They hire photographers for pre-wedding shoots, ensuring that each picture is perfect. And on their wedding day, make-up artists fuss on their face and hair to look stunning. Well, the answer is simple: they want to look gorgeous, considering that all the guests’ eyes will be on them.

Do you want to look like a dream too on your most special day, especially in photographs? In that case, one vital trick is to let a professional team document the event. And don’t just get in touch with the first company you find; instead, hire an established wedding photographer in Gold Coast, especially if you’re tying the knot in Brisbane. Several years of experience guarantee that the person or team knows exactly what to do.

Once you know whom to work with, take note of these tips on looking better in pictures.

1. Avoid showing a hint of double chin by elongating your neck and then thrusting your chin up just a little to make the neck and face appear slimmer.

2. Prevent the most common disaster in images - half-closed eyes! This is possible by closing your eyes and then opening them slowly before the photographer clicks on the camera. Quick tip: this trick will work best if the person knows how to give instructions or counts before taking pictures.

3. Make sure you look perfect, physically that is. Be as gorgeous as you can be with the help of established professional hair and make-up artists. Here at Kinnari Flair, we have 13 years of experience in the industry. We can match the make-up to your dress, so you’ll look exquisite. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

4. Avoid a too wide or goofy grin, if this is your tendency, by putting your tongue behind your teeth when smiling.

5. Check your favourite pictures, those you think are your best shots. Look for certain patterns, such as a specific smile or face angles. Replicate these during your pre-wedding shoot and wedding day.

6. Make your hair glossy by using a last-minute add-on shine serum and spray. Misting your locks offer maximum lustre and sleekness to prevent flyaway strands or frizz.

7. Look at a light source before the photographer takes your picture. This helps shrink your pupils and, in turn, prevent red eyes. You can also look more awake using Visine.

8. Create a sense of depth by turning head around three quarters away from the camera. And if the shot includes your body, turn a little to the side, put your hand on your hip, and then turn your face towards the camera. Doing so will make you appear slimmer.

9. Add a bit of sparkle and sheen to your skin, as well as play up your assets, by dusting your shoulders and collarbone with a shimmering powder. Use bright lipstick to make your lips look fuller and flattering and to look younger.

10. Say ‘great’ rather than ‘cheese’, the former opens your mouth to a more genuine smile compared to the latter. You can also think of a funny or beautiful memory to lighten up your face.

Aren’t these tricks easy to pull off? Keep these insights in mind during your sessions with a wedding photographer in Gold Coast or in the place where you’re tying the knot.