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The Factors that Make Indian Bridal Makeup Unique

Date Published: Oct 11, 2013

It is interesting to note that despite the changing times, there are countries that follow wedding traditions up to this very day. Not only have these rituals lingered up to this time, but there are also foreigners who are not afraid to embrace them in their own special occasions. This includes the different practices of makeup application.

Now, one of the bridal makeup styles that have garnered a lot of interests is the Indian way of beautifying a woman before the ceremony. Why is that? It is because their way of applying cosmetics is focused more on enhancing a woman's natural beauty. To be more specific, take a look at some of the factors that make Indian bridal makeup unique among other Asian ones.

Eyes – Considered as the windows to the soul, these pretty peepers are further emphasised by putting on colourful palettes of eye shadow that complement the skin tone as well as the dress. Rich, naturally looking eyeliner is also used to trace to contours of the eyes to make them pop and look magnetic.

Lips – One of the sexiest parts of the body, these are also contoured by using a lip liner before putting on lipstick. This is done so to give the lips a more dramatic look, making the bride look more alluring and captivating.

Skin Decoration – The look of an Indian bride will not be complete without Mehndi. This adds uniqueness to the whole appearance because of this ceremonial practice.

So to make your wedding more special, consider this kind of makeup application. Contact Kinnari Flair to achieve the right look on your big day.