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What Should You Ask When Planning a Destination Wedding?

Date Published: May 18, 2015

You and your partner might consider a particular place very special. It could be the Vaucluse House in Sydney or St Audries Park in Somerset. It could be Patong Beach in Phuket or the lavender field in Provence.

Wherever it is, you’ll probably want to tie the knot there. It’s not really a big problem, unless you have to travel.

A destination wedding is a big hit among many couples these days, especially celebrities. You might think that it’s difficult to pull off, what with the additional travel preparations. But it won’t be if you plan it carefully and if you seek expert assistance.

Here are some questions you might ask. Let these guide you.

Do I need a planner?

YES. It’s highly advisable to enlist help from professionals – people who have knowledge and expertise in organising events. Whether you’re interested in castle or garden weddings, they can turn your dream concept into reality. They can even lead you to some of the best vendors in the area.

Nowadays, people are now using planners for their proposals. If you would like a special proposal for your partner, look at proposal packages in London for great deals to create a personalized wedding proposal.

How do I choose a location?

If you and your partner travel a lot, you probably have several places in mind. It’ll make choosing a specific venue hard. Don’t let this fact stress you out. The trick is to consider accessibility, affordability and comfort. Of course, don’t forget sentimental value.

Pro tip: Prepare for worse case scenarios, especially if you choose an outdoor venue. A marquee hire in Sydney, for example, will keep you and the guests sheltered from the heat or sudden rain shower which would be a blessing in disguise especially if you've spent hours with a Hair Salon Bondi by Head Office Hair Specialist. Securing banners and other decorations tightly will keep these from flying around like frantic birds.

How do I guarantee the vendors’ reliability?

Your best option is to meet them personally. But travelling costs you time and money. The next possible step is to contact them by mail or phone. Find out how they can work around your plans and ask for service/product guarantee.

Check out their website too if you wish to see their previous projects. This will give you an idea on how they work or what they’re capable.

When you want something as technical as drone aerial photography, the team should be able to show you their portfolio and let you know the extent of their service. Since you can’t talk over these aspects in person, their website will give you basic insight.

Will my marriage be legal?

There’s a possibility it won’t be, if you’re not familiar with the laws. As a tip, research on this aspect so you’ll know what is required to wed legally.

Example: If you’re getting married in England, Scotland and Wales and you’re a non-EU national, take note that processing requirements generally involve a residency and waiting period of 36-77 days. This means that you’ll need to take care of this matter months in advance.

End note

Marquee hire in Sydney, marriage laws in the UK, event planners in Melbourne – these aren’t exhaustive of every consideration you’ll need to look into. It’s not surprising that you’ll forget some details, what with everything you have to do and prepare. But take comfort in the fact that a planner can help.

And stress may get the best of you, but don’t let it show on your wedding day. Let our team at Kinnari Flair bring out your most beautiful side through elegant hair and make-up.