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Four Essential Tips for Pre-Wedding Shoots

Date Published: Oct 11, 2013

Taking some pictures before the wedding can be a great way to make the day a little more special. After all, you’ll have a collection of romantic images to display at the reception and have some amazing memories to look back on later. To make sure the entire day goes by in the right way, you’ll need to plan things out in the proper manner though. Follow these four tips and you will then have a pre-wedding shoot that exceeds both you and your partner’s expectations.

  1. Find a Photographer
  2. As this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you’ll require the services of a professional photographer. Of course, you can’t just choose anyone; you’ll need to get in touch with someone who has experience in wedding imagery. After all, this involves a certain sense of what’s important and what’s to be left out to make the final pictures so much more romantic. Whether you wish to hire someone to take photos locally or you have made plans to fly overseas for the pre-wedding shoot, you should always make sure that your photographer knows what they are doing. Have a look at their portfolio and see the images they have snapped from previous weddings. This should give you a good idea of their style and whether it is suitable for you and your partner.

  3. Choose the Location
  4. While the focus will always be on the happy couple, you should also pay attention to the surroundings. Thus, it is important to seek out a location that will really bring out the romance and love in the final pictures. These can be found in almost any country though, thanks to the keen eye and local knowledge of the best pre-wedding photographers around. Whether you’re in the UK, Thailand, Australia or Brazil, sit down and talk to your chosen photography expert and find out which locations are the best for this loving set of pre-wedding images.

  5. Pick Some Themes
  6. You can also combine the surroundings with a fancy theme to make the pictures even more special. The options here are limited by your imagination and wishes. For instance, 53% of brides, according to this helpful infographic, value platinum engagement rings over the honeymoon. It may therefore be a good idea to include this important piece of jewellery in with the pre-wedding photo shoot. A formal theme may be good here to highlight the ring and complement it with some lavish dresses and suave suits. Of course, this is just one idea. There are plenty of other photo themes now available from casual beachwear to fantasy roleplaying.

  7. Think Clothing
  8. Now that you’ve worked out the feel for your photo shoot, you’ll need to consider what you are going to wear. If you’ve decided on multiple themes, you and your partner while have to go over which items are suitable. From floral dresses to evening gowns, there is plenty of flexibility for bridal attire at the shoot. Likewise, the groom can wear anything from jeans to tuxedos for the photo session. You can shop for these items by yourself or you can rent them with a little help from the photographer you’ve chosen to hire.

These four steps will give you everything you need to prepare for that upcoming pre-wedding photo shoot. With the right photographer and a suitable setting at your side, you can then focus on the theme, the jewellery and the clothing that you will wear for the occasion. After this, you can then look forward to being treated like a supermodel for a day, taking pictures and creating memories with the loving man or woman who you are about to wed.