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Want to Transform into a Radiant and Stunning Bride? Take These 3 Steps

Date Published: Dec 10, 2014

Most (if not all) women want to look their best on their big day but, if you're about to get married, you have to realise that pulling off a radiant and stunning look isn't easy. Before you can transform into a beautiful, blushing bride, you first have to:

Choose the right dress

Your outfit is one of the things that can help you stand out from the crowd and make your nuptials extra-special. So, as early as possible, start browsing through wedding dresses in Sydney (or wherever you're based) and look for the perfect gown. Doing these might seem difficult considering there are hundreds if not thousands of options available, but you can make it easier by keeping these things in mind:

  • Find a dress that suits your body type. Don't just base your decision on what's currently hot on the runways; instead, pick something that helps you highlight your assets and show off your favourite body part while minimising problem areas.
  • Choose a gown that complements your natural skin tone. You don't want to look pale and sickly during your big day.
  • Some fabrics look fantastic in person but appear wrinkled and grungy in photographs. So, when shopping for wedding dresses in Sydney or any other place, make sure to take lots of pictures; this way, you'll know which gown will make you look like a princess in your photos.

Adopt a good beauty regimen ASAP

The months and weeks leading to your wedding would understandably be a busy time for you as you iron out all the details of your event. But, despite your hectic schedule, you shouldn't forget to take care of yourself. This way, your hair, skin and nails will be ready for your nuptials, and you'll find it incredibly easy to have a healthy and radiant glow on your big day.

Not sure where to begin? You can start by:

  • Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid breakouts and dry, flaky skin.
  • Switching to nutritious foods, working out regularly, getting enough sleep every day and doing other things to improve your lifestyle. This way, you can enhance your overall wellbeing and have healthier hair, skin and nails.
  • Using gentle beauty products that contain natural and organic ingredients and have excellent moisturising properties.

Get the help of hair and makeup experts

Like many women, you've probably already become an expert in doing your face and tresses and making sure you look great for work or for a girls' night out. Despite these, though, you should still look into hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding like Hair Extentions Bondi Junction by Head Office Hair Specialists. This way, you'll have an expert who'll help you choose the right hairdo and makeup style and colours and ensure your face and hair will be perfect on your big day. As a result, you only have to sit back, relax and savour the excitement and happiness of being a newlywed-to-be.

Use these tips to transform yourself into a blushing, radiant and stunning bride!