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Ask These 3 Key Questions to Make Your Dream Wedding Come True

Date Published: Dec 22, 2014

Like many recently engaged women, you're most likely over the moon as you celebrate the fact that you'll soon be married to the man you love. This is completely normal, but remember that shouldn't just focus on enjoying your engagement. If you want to have the beautiful and memorable wedding you've always dreamt of, you should also concentrate on putting your nuptials together and ironing out the important details.

Not sure where to begin? You can start by asking these questions:

Is your budget enough?

Whether you want a small, intimate event or a large and lavish celebration, organising your big day requires a substantial amount of money since there are lots of expenses you should tackle. For one thing, you need to hire professional wedding photographers in Sydney (or wherever you're getting married) to ensure you'll have clear, detailed and lovely pictures of your nuptials. You also need to rent a venue, buy your bridal gown, purchase fun wedding favours and get the services of reputable florists, caterers and entertainers.

With these expenses in mind, you have to make sure you're financially ready for your big day. List down all the costs you'll possibly face, write how much you expect to spend on them and add everything up. If the final figure fits into your budget, then you're good to go; if it doesn't, you either have to find ways to reduce your expenditure or raise additional funds, or do both.

Which photographer should you hire?

There are lots of experts available nowadays, but this doesn't mean you can hire just any one of them. To ensure you'll get great value for money, you need to find wedding photographers in Sydney who:

  • Offer professional and high-quality services at reasonable rates.
  • Are members of reputable organisations, such as the Australian Institute of Professional Photography or the British Institute of Professional Photography.
  • Have lots of happy and satisfied clients who give glowing reviews about the photographers' works and services.
  • Have invested in modern equipment and know how to use light, camera angles and other factors to capture special moments and create fantastic photos.

Should you do your own hair and makeup or hire experts?

You're probably already confident with doing your own face and hair every day, but remember that getting married isn't like going to work or heading out to the club. It's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that requires a special look, which is something that can only be pulled off by a professional and experienced hair stylist and makeup artist.

OK, lets face it... waste management is not exactly the most glamorous aspect of organizing a wedding party but if you're planning a big outdoors event then you may well need to consider hiring a portable loo. If you've ordered the cake, hired a DJ and have 500 of your nearest and dearest attending a party in a marquee then you will need to provide adequate facilities. Fortunately you can find a portable toilet for hire in Leeds from Add Plant ready in time to be delivered to your party, and in the case of a wedding, they even have 'luxury loo's'.

Don't worry since finding the right expert isn't difficult. If you're based in Hertfordshire, for instance, you can always call us here at Kinnari Flair. We specialise in providing high-quality bridal makeup and hairstyling services and can help you create the look you want. Using the best possible cosmetics, we'll highlight your best features and minimise any problem areas, letting your naturally beauty shine and ensuring you'll become a radiant and stunning bride.

Ask these questions to jumpstart your wedding planning adventure and be a few steps closer to your dream nuptials.