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Getting Married Soon? Don't Forget These 3 Wedding Planning Details!

Date Published: Jun 08, 2015

So you've exchanged designer engagement rings with your sweetheart and are now organising your wedding. But are you sure you're doing everything to put your dream nuptials together? Have you checked if you're not forgetting an important detail or two? Take a look at this list and know about the key things that many brides-to-be forget:

The photographer

You rent a gorgeous venue and decorate it with pretty ribbons, balloons, streamers and flower arrangements. You might even ask your caterer to carve fruits and vegetables into yummy eye-catching treats. Of course, on your big day, you and your loved ones will share smiles, giggles, laughter and maybe even a few tears of joy as you walk down the aisle and commit to your sweetheart.

The question now is this: are you doing anything to document these things? How will you capture the special moments that you'll share with guests?

Hopefully, you won't say, “Oh, my brother/best friend/cousin will snap photos of my nuptials and print them for me.” If you want to have clear, detailed and gorgeous pictures of your big day, you need to hire a professional and experienced wedding photography company in Sydney (or wherever you're getting married). This way, you'll have an expert who'll document your special event and ensure all the details you've painstakingly worked on will be recorded for posterity. Of course, you'll have someone who'll immortalise the once-in-a-lifetime moments you'll have with your family and friends.

The hair and makeup

Lots of brides focus too much on searching for the perfect gown, shoes and accessories that they forget about their face and tresses. Don't make the same mistake; as soon as possible, look for an expert who'll use the right cosmetics and hairstyling techniques to transform you into a radiant bride. This way, you'll have gorgeous locks and a fabulously made-up face that complement your outfits and make you look your best on your big day.

Don't worry since finding the right person to hire isn't difficult. If you're getting hitched in the UK, for instance, get in touch with us here at Kinnari Flair. We have years of experience in providing bridal hair and makeup services and have helped many brides look stunning for their wedding. Just tell us the look you have in mind and we'll work closely with you to help you achieve it.

The honeymoon

With the numerous preparations you have to make for your nuptials, it's easy to forget about the post-wedding celebration. Fortunately, you can avoid this scenario by planning for your honeymoon as early as possible. If you want to travel overseas after your big day, for instance, research about plane and hotel rates and compare the prices of different providers. This way, you'll find the best possible deals and enjoy the perfect getaway without spending too much.

Lots of couples move into their own house or flat before their wedding and decide to have a “staycation honeymoon” to cut costs while enjoying their new home. If you've made the same decision, make sure your property is ready to be lived even before your nuptials. Hire a professional cleaning company to remove every inch of dust and dirt, and shop around for bedroom furniture as well as other types of furnishings. This way, you and your groom can enjoy your honeymoon immediately after the ceremony and reception and celebrate your new life as husband and wife.

These are just some of the details you mustn't forget when planning your big day. Keep them in mind to have the fun and fantastic wedding you've always wanted!